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Rich in Love was founded in June 2005 by Hallie Rich and Alison Love. The company was started in an effort to turn personal tragedy into something positive and meaningful.

In the summer of 2004, Alison Love’s father, Fred Love, was suddenly diagnosed with lung cancer which had spread to his brain. He passed away a little over two months later in October. Hallie’s father, Mel Rich, was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal gastric cancer in the winter of 2005. He fought a tremendous and courageous battle against cancer for almost 4 years before he passed away in October 2008. These two special men, and their families, were and remain, the dearest of friends. The Loves and Richs continue to share what is more like a familial bond and with a tremendous amount of heart and emotion, Alison and Hallie launched Rich in Love Charity and directed its main purpose to be the fight against cancer.

Rich in Love is named in memory of Fred and Mel. Yet, we believe Rich in Love has a meaning relevant to all. Due to their experience dealing with this horrible disease, Alison and Hallie know firsthand how powerful being Rich in Love can be. They offer this phrase to help support every individual affected by cancer - the patient, the loved ones, family, friends, and to all those individuals who have lost someone to this devastating disease. Being Rich in Love can help you find courage and inner strength, empower you to get through each day, enable you to find inspiration, lead to absolute selflessness and motivate you to make a difference at every opportunity you get.

The strength of Rich in Love lies in the sheer motivation and dedication of Alison and Hallie to find a cure to a disease that has affected them both and is close to their hearts.

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